Monday Makeover Recipe

Grilled Veggies and Melted Almond Cheese Sandwich

We grilled veggie kabobs over the weekend and of course I ended up having quite a bit of veggies left. I think my youngest child managed to nibble a slice of zucchini while my teenager tossed hers away when I wasn’t looking. I don’t want to become a micromanaging parent when it comes to the food on their plates but I’m determined to get them to eat more vegetables and actually enjoy them.

But even to me all those veggies scraped off the kabob stick really didn’t sound appetizing in reheated form.  I’m honestly not that inspired in the kitchen these days but I had picked up some almond cheese, mozzarella style, at Whole Foods and had been wanting to try it. The package claims it melts and tastes great but, being made out of almonds, I was a little skeptical.

veggie cheese sandwich.jpg

Delicious! This sandwich is kid-approved.

Amazingly this almond cheese does melt and does taste great. These little sandwiches turned out delicious and both kids loved them. My youngest, who is by far the pickiest eater in our house, asked for seconds! I will definitely use this cheese again.



  • Leftover veggies, I used red onions, zucchini, yellow squash.
  • Almond Cheese, Mozzarella Style, sliced
  • Rolls
  • Coconut oil for frying.


After slicing the cheese, which has a soft texture like mozzarella, I placed on the bottom of the bun and put that into the pan. Since my veggies needed reheated, I put those right in the pan with the sandwich. Once everything was heated, I layered the veggies on top of the cheese and topped with the other half of the bun. I warmed that up slightly but you could heat it longer to get a nice toasted crunch.


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